Ballet/Jazz Combo or ID Performance

Ages: 3-5 Years
Ballet/Jazz Combo Classes (3-5yrs):
All the fun of Imagination Ballet with 10-15mins of Groovy Jazz at the end. This class is for the dancers who love Imagination Ballet but also like a bit of groovy dancing to more upbeat music.

ID Performance (3-5yrs):
A combination of ballet and jazz, for those budding performers who love to dance on stage. It is great for students to work towards a performance, practicing a routine each week, and also build confidence by performing on stage in a fun, relaxed and joyful environment.

Students will practice a routine for a local fair and end of year concert performance. Both are fun and low-key but require a $50 costume fee to be paid in term 2. We ask for year-long commitment or plenty of notice if you can't make a performance so the teacher can arrange the dance accordingly.
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