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ID Performance & Musical Theatre

Ages: 5 Years +
ID Performance Classes are for ages 5yrs+. They are closed door classes, so are drop off only and parents are welcome to observe 1 day a year on 'Open Week'.

The class is a combination of ballet and jazz, focusing on warm up, stretches, corner work, technique and each class will learn a dance for a local fair and end of year concert.

Musical Theatre is a combination of drama and singing. Drama includes improvisation, script work and group work. In the singing portion, students learn vocal warm ups, vocal technique, vocal range and breathing as well as practice a song for local fair and end of year concert.

Both the local fair and end of year concert are fun and low-key but require a $55 costume fee to be paid in Term 2.

This class requires a year-long commitment or plenty of notice if you can't make a performance so the teacher can arrange the item accordingly.
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